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Hortifuturo initiative aims at supporting the transformation of the Colombian food horticulture towards a more sustainable and competitive sector through the transfer of specialized knowledge and capacity development in the regions of Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Antioquia, Magdalena and  Cesar. Thsustainable and inclusive development of the Colombian horticultural sector contributes to the improvement of the communities’ quality of life by increasing their food security and by strengthening formal economies, creating jobs and commercial opportunities in local and international markets. This initiative comes from the The Netherlands Embassy in Bogotá and is supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

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Knowledge Exchange

Through roundtables, a dialogue will be established for the exchange of knowledge with local horticultural producers and priority public and private stakeholders in order to identify current needs and challenges related to increasing the productivity, quality and sustainability of food horticulture. This dialogue will facilitate the project executor and the Dutch participants’ understanding of these needs and challenges while offering possible approaches and solutions to address them at the same time. 

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Knowledge Transfer

Training of Trainers  courses in agri-food production will be designed and carried out to strengthen the capacity of representatives of public and private organizations in the selected regions.   Communication and dissemination are important tools to reach the target population of this initiative. Likewise, communication and dissemination will facilitate the Colombian sector to better connect with the technology and knowledge of the Dutch horticultural sector. Therefore, communication and dissemination tools and materials will be designed for two purposes. On the one hand, for educational and information purposes addressed to Colombian producers; and, on the other, to raise interest from the Dutch horticultural sector. 

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Knowledge Enrichment

Aiming at contributing to improve the current situation of insufficiency in the (vocational) education offer related to sustainable horticultural production, addressed to farmers, agricultural workers and extension agents responsible for providing technical support to local horticultural producers, two actions will be conducted. First, a curriculum will be designed and developed for a Colombian educational institution on food horticulture production, with special emphasis on sustainable techniques and innovation that will set a shared vision of the future of horticultural education in Colombia. 

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Value Chain Development

By bringing Dutch knowledge and technology closer to the Colombian industry, horticultural food producers will be able to form partnerships and build (high-end) supply chains. To that end, the project will support the formation of alliances and the construction of demand-driven (high-end) supply chains that encompass and gather different stakeholders ranging from horticultural food producers to (inter)national supermarkets that demand higher standards related to food safety and quality. 


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